"What can I say about the beautiful ring Aleda created for me?  I had this stone and an idea but that's about all.  I decided to reach out to Aleda, whose work I had been following and admired.  She listened to my ideas, and was so enthusiastic, that I felt confident she understood my vision.  The finished ring was far lovelier than I ever could have imagined.  I know I will be returning to have her make me something else, I just need an idea!!" ~Ruth


"Aleda has partnered with me on several projects over the course of the past year.  She worked with me to design a gorgeous necklace modeled after the beautiful stone necklaces Barbara on Shark Tank wears.  It is a gorgeous stone and sterling silver piece she made her own by working with me online to understand what I wanted (sharing stones, picture and progress) to design the perfect piece.  She custom designed a gorgeous pink tourmaline and sterling silver ring.  I love the way she reaches out along the way with photos and video to show progress and confirm the design.  More than once we’ve tweaked things and each time we’ve worked together the pieces she’s designed have been perfect.  She also custom designed a handmade gold link chain that is stunning.  I get numerous compliments on the piece.  I’ve purchased gifts for family and friends from her.  She helps me identify the perfect pieces, packaged them beautifully and ships them with care.  You can work with her to pick out each element of the piece she designs.  The stones she has to select from are gorgeous and the settings she crafts at her work bench are uniquely designed with a high level of quality.  She has a great sense of human and works to ensure the pieces are done ahead of the dates proposed.  She’s fun to work with and does beautiful work!  I’m looking forward to working with her on more pieces in the future." ~Mary


"I can't praise Aleda and her creations  enough, whether it's about the amazing jewelry she creates or her patience with a client (me) when it comes to making a custom piece!

I've purchased ready-made pieces from Aleda, but as I'm always dreaming up new items I want  I know I can count on Aleda to help me see these ideas come to fruition. She works tirelessly with me, answering all my odd questions, and making sure we're on the same page so-to-speak.

I also find Aleda's prices to be very fair and reasonable and she doesn't skimp on the materials.

Bottom line, you won't be disappointed should you purchase something from Aleda's website or have her create a   custom order for you." ~M. Thompson


“I own several pieces from Aleda and have even been asking her to set some stones for me that I’ve purchased at gem shows. She is so fast, efficient and does a phenomenal job that I am continually impressed by her. Can’t wait to see her evolve as a bench jeweler and designer.”~Danielle


"It was an absolute pleasure working with Aleda and discovering her lovely handmade jewelry.  Her enthusiasm for her work is inspirational.  When I first received her quill pendant, I was so impressed with her work, I additionally added both her scarab pendant and amazing scarab ring to my collection.  The wonderful feel of the solid gold designs are lovely and a joy to wear!  Our conversations together were heartfelt and genuine and she always shared a wealth of information when asked.  Thank you, Aleda!!"~DK