Growing up on a ranch in the scenic views of Montana led to Aleda's lifelong search for beauty, constantly being curious and fascinated by old things. Fiddling with broken things, using her hands to fix items, had always come naturally for her, so entering the jewelry business didn't seem complete without delving into crafting, designing and hands-on repair work.

Aleda traveled from Virginia to Tennessee for an intense jewelry school training from the New Approach School for Jewelers where she completed the Comprehensive Bench Jeweler program. From there, she began designing her own line which combines old motifs with a modern way of wearing them. Aleda's work reflects her passion for ancient adornment, vintage jewelry, and love for nature.

Each piece is handmade by Aleda in her small Virginia-based workshop.


10 Questions with Aleda:


Three words that describe your style:
Organic, simple, layered


Favorite movie: 
License to Wed and The Sandlot


Favorite Food:


When you're not thinking about jewelry: 
I don’t understand the question.... just kidding! Spending time with my family or knitting.


Dream vacation:
Egypt, Turkey, India and Italy.  Especially Pompeii!


If you had one wish, what would it be: 
I have too many to choose just one!


What's on your playlist: 
Billie Holiday, Disturbed, Brandi Carlisle, Louis Armstrong


Favorite scent: 


Do you have children:


Favorite gemstones:
Sapphires, Alexandrite, and colored Diamonds!